Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 – Public Opinion Poll (Unofficial)

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Voting Poll: For the tenth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Voting six contestants has been nominated for eviction. Shyamala, Deepthi Sunaina, Roll Rida, Nutan Naidu, Pooja and Syamala are the contestants nominated for the week. Check out below to know bigg boss telugu vote status, results online today.

Also follow Star Maa Bigg boss telugu vote missed call numbers to cast you voting. The poll will be live from Monday evening to Friday midnight and viewers can cast vote for their favourite contestant from online or Missed call.

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Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting Methods – Step by Step

Bigg Boss Program is a reality show where individuals/housemates (“participants”) staying in the big boss house will nominate housemates for eviction from the program.

During the program, the viewers will be asked to cast their vote for the shortlisted participant whom they want to save from eviction from the program. The Shortlisted Participant who gains the minimum votes from the viewers, will be eliminated from the Program.

How to Vote for Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants? 

Here is the full steps for telugu big boss online voting: For cast vote for favourite contestant online, First you need to login from your gmail account.

1.) Viewers need to Google search the keywords, ” Bigg Boss Telugu Vote ” or ” Bigg Boss Telugu Voting ” or ” bigg boss telugu vote google ” or Click Here

2.) Now in the search page, you can see list of nominated contestant. Click your favourite contestant and move voting bar to make total number of votes.

3.) For a day from one email address, You can cast maximum of 50 votes. Viewers can able to split the vote as per convenience in that 50 numbers.

4.) After completing 50 Votes, Now click on Submit vote button to finish the process.

Note: Bigg boss telugu vote google – online voting poll will be available for five days every week from Monday Night 10 PM to Friday 11.59 PM. Viewers can not able to register vote on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Missed Call Number

Telugu viewer interested to cast his/her vote, by using Missed Call Mechanism, will be subject to the following. Only people in India are able to vote in Missed Call method using mobile phone. The contact number should be valid Indian number registered with netwrok operator.

Bigg boss telugu vote number – Here is the complete list of Missed Call numbers of Each Bigg Boss Contestants:

To vote for Deepti Sunaina – Give missed call to 7729998812

To vote for Ganesh – Give missed call to 7729998803

To vote for Kireeti Damaraju – Give missed call to 772999816

To vote for Nutan Naidu – Give missed call to 7729998809

To vote for Sanjana Anne – Give missed call to 7729998814

To vote for Kaushal Manda – Give missed call to 7729998817 

To vote for Babu Gogineni – Give missed call to – 7729998805

To vote for Amit Tiwari – Give missed call to – 7729998813

To vote for Deepti Nallamothu – Give missed call to – 7729998808

To vote for Tanish – Give missed call to – 7729998811

To vote for Tejaswi Madivada – Give missed call to – 7729998806

To vote for Shyamala – Give missed call to – 7729998802

To vote for Geetha Madhuri – Give missed call to – 7729998801

To vote for Roll Rida – Give missed call to – 7729998807

To vote for Bhanu Sri – Give missed call to – 7729998804

To vote for Samrat Reddy – Give missed call to  – 7729998815

To vote for Nandini Rai – Give missed call to – 7729998818

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 (2018) Contestant List

Check out below for full list of Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants for season 2 (2018). Find all celebrity name, profession and contest status details.

The final list of contestants for season 2 telugu bigg boss includes star celebrities and some commoners. With list of 15 members inside the isolated house, the next 100 days going to have more fun and entertainment for both participants and audience.

Based on Star Maa bigg boss vote percentage each week 1 contestant will be evicted from the house. Below are the complete biography and wiki details about each and every single participants for season 2. Some new contestants expected to join the house during later month of the show.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants

Sl.No Contestant Profession Status
1 Geetha Madhuri Singer In the house
2 Amit Tiwari Actor In the house
3 Tanish Actor In the house
4 Deepti Nallamothu Anchor In the house
5 Babu Gogineni Rationalist Eliminated
6 Roll Rida Singer In the house
7 Bhanu Sri Actress Eliminated
8 Shymala Anchor Eliminated/reentry
9 Kireeti Damaraju Actor Eliminated
10 Deepthi Sunaina Actress In the house
11 Tejaswi Madivada Actress Eliminated
12 Samrat Reddy Actor In the house
13 Kaushal Manda Actor In the house
14 Ganesh Radio Jockey In the house
15 Sanjana Model Eliminated
16 Nutan Naidu Commoner Eliminated/reentry
17 Nandini Rai Actress Eliminated
18 Pooja Ramachandran Actress In the house

Geetha Madhuri (Singer)

Geetha Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Geetha Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Geetha Madhuri popular telugu singer and dubbing artist in telugu film industry. She has sung more than 200+ songs in telugu movies and won many awards. Geetha is the first contestant who entered bigg boss house after performing her own song ‘Pakka Local’ on stage. She has recorded her voice for all top music composers.

Amit Tiwari (Actor)

Amit Tiwari Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Amit Tiwari Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Amit Tiwari is a popular south indian actor who featured in many telugu, tamil and malayalam movies. He is prominently known for playing negative roles in most of his films. Some of the popular movies he featured are Tiyaan, Jaggu Dada, Prabhat Nagari – Film 1 (2012), Rising of Sarpanch (2014) and more.

Deepti Nallamothu (Anchor)

Deepthi Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Deepthi Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Deepti Nallamothu is a telugu television new reader and anchor who working in TV9 television. Hailing from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, she is one among the participant of bigg boss 2. She has working in television industry for long years and popular face among telugu television small screen audience.

Tanish (Actor)

Tanish Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Tanish Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Tanish is a telugu actor who is known for his films Nakshatram, Premika and more. Started his career as child artist in 1999 for a film ‘Prema Katha’ and featured in many telugu movies. He Residence in Rajampeta, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Babu Gogineni (Humanist)

Babu Gogineni Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Babu Gogineni Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Babu Gogineni is an interesting participant to Bigg boss 2 telugu. He is well known as Humanist, rationalist, and human rights activist who worked in International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). He has completed several degrees and currently being as Humanist, rationalist, and human rights activist.

Roll Rida (Rapper)

Roll Rida Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Roll Rida Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Roll Rida is a prominent rapper and singer who performed many songs in telugu. His songs are much popular in social media and few of them goes viral in youtube. He is one of the 16 contestants of bigg boss. He sung for many telugu movies which include Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam, Kumari 21F and more.

Bhanu Sri (Actress)

Banu Sree Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Banu Sree Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bhanu Sri who also known as Bhanu Tripathi, is an telugu movie actress who featured in many movies including Iddari Madhya 18, Marla Puli and many. He is entered into telgu bigg boss as the contestants, which is her debut television show.

Shyamala (Anchor)

Shymala Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Shymala Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Shamala is well known as television presenter and also actress in telugu movies. She is much popular in telugu television industry as she featured in many reality shows as anchor. Shyamala is also featured in some telugu movies in supporting roles.

Kireeti Damaraju (Actor)

Kireeti Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Kireeti Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Kireeti Damaraju, who is an actor in tollywood film industry, He has featured in many popular telugu short films includes Ontoganta and Anukokuda. He started his career in telugu industry with “Uyyala Jampala” and acted in few other films.

Deepthi Sunaina (Commoner)

Deepthi Sunaina Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Deepthi Sunaina Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Deepthi Sunaina, is an young sensational instagram star who is prominently known for her dubsmash videos in social media. She is very big fan of Samantha. Notably Deepthi is the youngest contestant of this season big boss show. After nominating for week 1, she got maximum number of vote from audience.

Tejaswi Madivada (Actress)

Tejaswi Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Tejaswi Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Tejaswi Madivada is an telugu movie actress who featured in many movies including Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and more. Apart from telugu movie, she also acted in some tamil films. She is one among the female contestant of the season.

Samrat Reddy (Actor)

Samrat Reddy Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Samrat Reddy Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Samrat Reddy is a telugu actor who featured in many films. From Hyderabad, Telangana, he was one among celebrity participant of the show. Made his debut with Panchakshari and featured in Malini & Co. and W/O Ram movies. He is captain of 1st week.

Kaushal Manda (Actor)

Kaushal Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Kaushal Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Kaushal Manda is a model and telugu television actor. He debut in telugu movies as child artist with Evvani Chedanunchu and won National Child Artist award in 1982. He featured in many telugu television serials and acted in commercials.

Ganesh (Radio Jockey)

Ganesh Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Ganesh Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Ganesh is the first commoner contestant of the season to enter into bigg boss house. Hailing from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, He is currently working as a RJ. To vote for Ganesh check the above bigg boss telugu voting numbers.

Sanjana (Model)

Sanjana Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Sanjana Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Sanjana, is a Model and Miss Hyderabad Winner who is the only commoner contestant of the show for this season. She has participated in many Modeling shows and won the competition. She is one among the finalist contestant of Miss India 2018.

Nutan Naidu (Commoner)

Nutan Naidu Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Nutan Naidu Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Nutan Naidu, is the commoner contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2. He is coming from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and entered into the house as last contestant. He is a politician and got Doctorate for his excellence. Nutan has studied various course in different institute across India.

Nandini Rai 

Nandhini Rai Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Nandhini Rai Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Nandini Rai is an Indian actress who featuring in telugu language movies. Made her debut in acting career with Family Pack (Hindi) in the year 2011. She featured in some prominent telugu films including 040, Hormones, Maaya and more. She entered bigg boss telugu season 2 house as a wildcard contestant during second week.

Bigg Boss Telugu Eliminated Contestants List

Here is the full list of eliminated participant from Big Boss telugu second season (2018).

For Star Maa Bigg boss telugu vote results Each week one contestant will be eliminated from the show based on public voting. The participant who receives lesser votes from audience will be evicted from the show.

No. of Weeks Contestant
Week 1 Sanjana Anne
Week 2 Nutan Naidu
Week 3 Kireeti Damaraju
Week 4 Shymala
Week 5 Bhanu Sri
Week 6 Tejaswi Madivada
Week 7 No Eviction
Week 8 Nandini Rai
Week 9 Babu Gogineni

Week 8 – Nandini Rai 

As predicted by Scooptimes Unofficial poll for bigg boss telugu vote week 8, Nandini Rai sends off from the show. The actress who entered during the second week of big boss grabs lesser attention among audience. Due to lack of involvement in tasks and confronts with other housemates, cause Nandini to exit from the popular television programme.

Week 7 – No Eviction 

Shyamala and Nutan Naidu re-enters bigg boss telugu house. For the seventh week of Big boss Telugu, audience where given a chance to bring back one of the eliminated contestant into the house. All eliminated six housemates Tejaswi, Shyamala, Bhanu, Keeriti, Nutan and Sanjana Anne will including for public voting. Audience can vote for their favourite housemate.

Week 6 – Tejaswi Madivada

For the sixth week of Big boss Telugu vote result, Tejaswi Madivada has been eliminated from the house. After battling with other four housemates including her best friends Samrat Reddy and Tanish in public poll, she has been evicted from the house. Tejaswi is the sixth participant to exit from the show after Sanjana, Nutan Naidu, Keeriti, Shyamala and Bhanu Shree.

Week 5 – Bhanu Sree

Bhanu Sree has been evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu house after the result of week 5. She got lesser number of votes from audience while competing along with Ganesh and Deepthi Nallamothu. Bhanu is the fifth contestant to get evicted from the house after Sanjana, Nutan, Keeriti and Shyamala.

Week 4 – Shymala

For the fourth week of telugu bigg boss season 2, Shymala eliminated from the house.  Babu Gogineni, Geetha Madhuri, Deepti, Kaushal, Tejaswi, Ganesh and Nandini are the other participants nominated for the week. Kaushal and Tejaswi given a special power to save two among three contestants. Deepthi and Nandini saved by Kaushal and Tejaswi, so Shymala evicted from show on fourth week.

Week 3 – Kireeti Damaraju 

For third week of Bigg boss telugu, Kireeti Damaraju has been evicted from the show. He nominated along with Bhanu Sree, Geetha Madhuri, Ganesh. Kireeti got lesser number of online and missed call vote from audience. Kireeti is the third participant to eliminate from the house.

Week 2 – Nutan Naidu 

For the second week, Nutan Naidu has been eliminated from the house. He received lesser number of votes than Kaushal Manda, Ganesh, Deepthi Sunaina and Bab Gogineni. Nutan is second commoner contestant of the season to get eliminated after Sanjana Anne.

Week 1 – Sanjana Anne 

For the first week of bigg boss 2 telugu, Sanjana Anne evicted from the house. She is nominated along with Deepthi Sunanina, Kaushal, Keeriti, Ganesh and Nautan Naidu. Sanjana received lesser number of votes from audience.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 – Recap & Highlights:

The first season of bigg boss telugu is won by Siva Balaji, he was awarded with 50 Lakh rupees. The other finalist contestants of season 1 are Archana, Hariteja, Aadarsh and Navdeep. Superstar actor of tollywood industry Jr. NTR has hosted the show for the first time in his career in television.

The total of 14 contestants entered into the house during the launch date which includes Archana, Sameer, Mumaith Khan, Prince, Madhu Priya, Sampoornesh Babu, Jyothi, Kalpana, Mahesh Kathi, Kathi Karthika, Siva Balaji, Hari Teja, Adarsh, Dhanraj. Later Diksha and Naveep entered the house as surprise contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Timing & Host: 

Bigg Boss Telugu VotingBig Boss 2 Telugu season all set to start on June 10th and will happen for 100 days. The new season to host by sensational star of tollywood, Nani who replaced Jr. NTR of last season. Biggboss telugu 2 rights has been acquired by Star Network and show to telecast in Star Maa television. Check out Bigg boss telugu vote status above in public option poll to know about eviction for the week.

TV Show: Bigg Boss Telugu
TV Channel: Star Maa
Host: Nani
Season: 2
Launch Date: 17th July, 2018
Telecast Days & Time: 9:30 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends
No. of episodes: 10
Genre: Reality Show

Like last season, Bigg boss 2 Telugu timing to be 9.30 PM to 10.30 PM during weekend days from Monday to Friday and the show to telecast from 9 PM to 10 PM during weekends. Nani to feature during weekend special episode on reviewing progress of each week, announcing eviction and having chat with them.

The show remarked as Nani’s debut television entry as host which is going to be new experience for him in this career.

To watch telugu bigg boss season 2 online, audience can visit official online digital streaming website Each and every single episodes will be available in the platform to stream online, people can watch for the free of cost.

However there is no way to watch Star Maa television online legally in India. Bigg boss telugu vote count will be revealed by Nani during weekend show each week.

For the new season of big boss, Actor Nani acclaimed to get paid more than Jr. NTR of season 1. With huge success and popularity of last season, The makers and television to endorse more number of advertisers for the show. The salary for Nani expected to be paid more than NTR because of total number of days. Nani to host the show for 100 days which is extra 5 episode than NTR of last season.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online

Bigg Boss Voting Rules & Regulations

It is expressly stated that this is a Poll to enable the viewers to save their favorite Participant. Therefore, there are no winners being declared or any prize(s) being distributed for participating in the Poll. (wiki)

– For online voting, Viewers only able to register using Gmail account not from any other services.

– Maximum of 50 Votes can be accepted from one Gmail account per day. You can use same Email address for entire week for Telugu Bigg Boss Voting.

– Only people resident in India able to cast vote online for contestants. Voting for audience through online via Google will be not available.

– For Bigg Boss Telugu Voting from missed call, Only able to register 10 votes from one number for a week. The cost for call is completely free and the count from 11th vote from same number not be valid

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting poll for season 2 will be conducted each week to eliminate one contestant from the show. Check out below know more about Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online, Missed Call Number, Status, Results, Week Elimination Details. … Also follow Star Maa Bigg boss .

igg Boss Telugu Vote Online: This is the time to vote for your favourite contestant in Bigg boss now. Bigg Boss Telugu is now being aired all over the Andhra
Vote to save your favorite contestant. Voting ends every Friday at midnight. You have 50 votes per day.